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It is an acrylic emulsion based coat that gives a multi-coat textured finish. Available in 3 texture patterns: fine mountainous, heavy mountainous and head-cut. The TileLac can be applied on concrete (including prefabricated concrete), mortar and asbestos.

Highlights of this product include:

  • Excellent durability
  • Exceptional resistance to fungus and alkali

Coating System
Type Product Name No. of Coat(s)
Sealer / Primer Vinilex 5100 Wall Sealer 1 coat
Base Coat Tilelac EMA Base 1 coat
Topcoat Acrylic Finish / PU Recoatable Finish / Weatherbond Series 2 coats
Application Data
Conventional air spray
Maximum 3% dilution with water
Touch Dry / Hard Dry
1 hour / 3 hours
Recoating Interval
Minimum 16 hours
No. of Coat(s)
1 coat
Theoretical Coverage
1.0 – 2.0 kg per m² per coat
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