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Commercial Development Program

What is CDP?

Nippon Paint’s Commercial Development Program (CDP) is a 06 month business & commercial skills development program (leads to permanent position), which is carefully crafted as a part of our talent management initiative to nurture & develop young talents in fueling the Company’s insatiable appetite for growth.

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  • Fresh Graduates having Bachelor’s or Master’s degree with background in Business Administration, Sales/Marketing, Chemistry and Chemical Engineering are encouraged to apply.
  • Max Age: 27 years
  • CGPA of 2.5 and above.
  • Open to relocation within Pakistan
  • Active involvement in co-curriculum activities in secondary school and university/college level.
  • Candidate must be interested in Sales/Marketing or field-related nature of job.


We truly value the energy, skills, and new perspectives that experienced hires bring into the business. We’re always interested in recruiting extraordinary people with different career backgrounds who can hit the ground running, introduce us to new ways of working, and make us stronger from Day 1.

On your first day, you should expect a formal orientation, an introduction to the company, and to be welcomed into your team. You will also start on your first assignment or projects, which will be carefully matched to your skill set so that you can take immediate ownership and make an impact through meaningful work.

This brings many advantages, including the opportunity for you to enjoy a diverse and rewarding lifelong career filled with new and exciting challenges



    • Each morning at Nippon is a new motivation because I am always heard, and my thoughts get the practical implementation. Nippon is a place that gave me the opportunity to design my own career. I feel privileged to work with such a great growth oriented leadership. At Nippon, we can’t settle at less than the best.

      Waqar Tariq

      Regional Sales Manager - Center II

    • I have been associated with Nippon Paint for the last 10 years. I had opportunities to add value in different departments including Finance Operations, Reporting, and Internal audits. Every day there is something challenging and a new learning experience for the people who really want to learn.  It continuously enables me to deploy my creativity, intuition, and skills, which resulted in my career growth in this organization. I am proud to be a part of Nippon Paint.

      Badar Amin

      Manager Finance

    • Having worked for consumer goods for most of my career I had felt my learning curve declining; needed a new challenge! Nippon Paint gave me more than that on top of an amazing work culture. I feel like a student again and loving it! Have been blessed to work with very talented people here. Chao.

      Omar Muhammad Khan

      Business Development Manager

    • Nippon Paint is a great organization to work for. It’s my second job and I’ve learned so much here in such a less time. One of the things that I absolutely love about NPPK is that you’re given the freedom to pitch, explore and implement new ideas. It is great to see how supportive and encouraging the senior management is. I learn something new everyday and I’m eternally grateful to be working with all the masterminds around me.

      Saima Khalid

      Marketing Executive

    • I have been working with Nippon Paint for the last 13 years. I started my Career in Nippon Paint as a Distribution executive but now I am Leading the Logistics department. Its all due to Nippon Paint that provided me opportunities and enhanced my enthusiasm and creativity for the work and enabled me to stand at this position after passing through a number of challenges and experiences. I feel proud to be a member of this organization and working with the great leader of this organization.

      Khalid Naseer

      Manager Logistics

    • My affiliation with Nippon Paints is now almost 14 years and I am greatful for all the support I got for my professional development and opportunitiy to work in a magnificent environment. My career is inspired by the diversity, endless innovation opportunities and ability to showcase my creativity that Nippon offers. What i love most about my Job is to work with people around me and the freedom to create a way of working that works best for me and my team. Nippon hires the best people and i always find it easy to fit in and learn new things

      Omer Itrat

      Senior Manager Technical