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Our Culture


The Lean for Growth (LFG) culture is what drives the NIPSEA Group as an organization. It forms the heart of what we do and is the foundation of our belief that sustainable growth comes from doing the right thing.

This culture creates a winning formula when coupled with the shared goals of ensuring product excellence, creating innovative solutions, and meeting customer needs.


Value Driven

We are efficient and resourceful, finding ways to always maximize productivity and constantly delivering good value for high quality.


We are open and willing to engage all our customers. We strive to understand their needs and learn how to improve their experience.


We are inquisitive & inspired to make an impact by questioning the norm and championing new ideas both for our customers and within our organization.


We respect, trust and support each other and are open in sharing best practices with the common desire to succeed.


Quality and reliability are in our DNA. We go above and beyond to exceed expectations and hold ourselves to higher than usual standards.


  • I have been associated with Nippon Paint for the last 10 years. I had opportunities to add value in different departments including Finance Operations, Reporting, and Internal audits. Every day there is something challenging and a new learning experience for the people who really want to learn.  It continuously enables me to deploy my creativity, intuition, and skills, which resulted in my career growth in this organization. I am proud to be a part of Nippon Paint.

    Badar Amin

    Manager Finance

  • I am one of the very few employees those who had an opportunity to work in every department of the company. Nippon Paint has given me a great opportunity to start my winning career as a fresh graduate through Management Associate Program.  The working environment is so inspiring that I never feel tired of being here since last 6 years. Every day I come to work with enthusiasm and leave with a great sense of satisfaction and fulfillment. I am very proud to work for a company that is adding colors to the lives of people and painting their dreams.

    Umair Zahid

    Business Excellence Manager

  • Having worked for consumer goods for most of my career I had felt my learning curve declining; needed a new challenge! Nippon Paint gave me more than that on top of an amazing work culture. I feel like a student again and loving it! Have been blessed to work with very talented people here. Chao.

    Omar Muhammad Khan

    Business Development Manager

  • Ever since I joined Nippon Paint, got an opportunity to work with different departments and lead CCM working with respect to monitoring of Sales and Product management. Working with a team of great leaders I’m learning every day and every moment to grow professionally. Really glad to work with a company where you are considered to be a leader. I strongly believe this place is best for career and professional advancement.

    Omer Malik

    Assistant Brand Manager

  • Started my professional career in 2018 from Nippon Paint, and becoming a manager in the span of 3 years, this journey has been phenomenal. Nippon Paint’s diverse, inclusive & motivating work environment has been the key to this success. The culture of always striving for more, and thinking out of the box both when achieving success and when coping up with difficult challenges makes this organization a great modern workplace.

    Najeeb Subhani

    Commerical Manager

  • Nippon Paint is a great organization to work for. It’s my second job and I’ve learned so much here in such a less time. One of the things that I absolutely love about NPPK is that you’re given the freedom to pitch, explore and implement new ideas. It is great to see how supportive and encouraging the senior management is. I learn something new everyday and I’m eternally grateful to be working with all the masterminds around me.

    Saima Khalid

    Marketing Executive

  • I started with the Commercial Development Program at Nippon Paint after graduating with a master’s degree. This was my first full time job and I loved being a part of a multinational organisation. Being a Trade Marketing Executive, it helped me a lot to improve my skills in multi-tasking, working with an innovative and dynamic team that helps me learning and grabbing the organizational decorum in a more realistic way.

    Sheryar Ahmed

    Trade Marketing Executive