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Nippon Paint has been providing innovative solutions in the paint and coatings industry since the brand was established in 1881, when production first started in Japan. In 1962, Nippon Paint took their first step outside Japan through a joint venture with Singapore’s Wuthelam Holdings.

The NIPSEA Group was born, and Nippon Paint’s first factory was subsequently built outside of Japan. Over the years, Nippon Paint has always delivered high quality coating solutions to homeowners and tradesmen alike. We listened to our customers and empowered our teams to understand the markets, industries, and consumers that we serve. Being the champion for new ideas and challenging the norms empower us to deliver a breadth of innovative solutions with superior product performance so your spaces and surfaces do more for you.

From ships to cars, skyscrapers to sheds, and everything in between – no other competitor comes close to providing a total solutions experience for the built environment industry.

The NIPSEA Group’s arsenal of solutions for the industry covers Architectural, Industrial, Automotive and Marine Coatings, as well as a range of products beyond the world of paint and coatings. We have an unyielding drive to focus on customers and provide innovations that work better for all our stakeholders.



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  • Working with Nippon Paint is so far the best professional experience I had. The opportunity to add value in the tasks which Nippon Paint gives to its employees is unmatched. Nippon Paint not only gives an opportunity to perform, but also polishes the skill of every individual working in every department. Working in marketing department is challenging as well as exciting for me at the same time. Every day is a new day, the management is so supportive here and gives all the liberty to give new ideas. If I say that I love working here, I will not be wrong. I feel blessed being a part of Nippon Family!

    Amna Fayyaz

    Deputy Manager - Product Marketing

  • Working with Nippon has been a wonderful experience. I am grateful for the opportunities and responsibilities that I have been entrusted with, helping me accelerate my career. Nippon has played a big role in my personal and professional development. I witnessed incredible passion for work and sense of loyalty in employees here and I feel lucky working amongst them.

    Saima Khalid Maken

    Deputy Manager - Brand Marketing

  • Working with Nippon is not just only a number of tasks to be done rather it’s more of getting an experience as I finish one by one & I literally feel it. The working environment is so inspiring itself that I never feel tired of being here every single day. It continuously motivates me with newer challenges & develops me to deploy my creativity, intuition & skills. I’m proud to work for a company that is ensuring good & comfortabale working environment for employees!!

    Sumreen Arif

    Manager - Administration

  • I started my career with Nippon Paint and have been working here for more than 7 years in Sales Department. Today I am leading the AutoRefinish department as Sales Manager. Nippon Paint offers a competitive work environment along with professional growth opportunities. Being part of such a great team makes me enjoy my job profoundly and keeps me intent on moving forward. Nippon enables us as employees to develop our personal capacities and make the most of our career opportunities. Once you start your career here, you want to stay, grow and prosper.

    Raza Anwar

    Sales Manager - AR

  • It has been an incredible journey of 12 years filled with challenges that have helped me develop both professionally and personally. During this tenure, I have had the opportunity to take on various roles but the experience of liaison with our overseas entities contributing to our development process has been a highlight of my career. I have been impressed by how much the company values inclusivity and diversity. I am proud to be a part of a company that fosters such a supportive and empowering atmosphere.

    Amber Fatima

    Senior Manager - Human Resources

  • Every day at Nippon is a motivation because I am always heard and my thoughts get practical implementation. Nippon is a place that gave me the opportunity to design my own career. I feel privileged to work with such a great growth oriented leadership. At Nippon we don’t settle for anything less than the best.

    Waqar Tariq

    Sales Manager - TU

  • I have been associated with Nippon Paint for the last 10 years. I had the opportunity to add value in different departments including Finance Operations, Reporting, and Internal Audit. Some days brought new challenges and therefore new learning experiences. I’m grateful for the opportunities that enabled me to deploy my creativity, intuition, and skills, which resulted in my career growth and I am proud to be a part of Nippon Paint. 

    Badar Amin

    Senior Manager Finance

  • I have been working with Nippon Paint for the last 13 years. I started my Career in Nippon Paint as a Distribution executive but now I am Leading the Logistics department. Its all due to Nippon Paint that provided me opportunities and enhanced my enthusiasm and creativity for the work and enabled me to stand at this position after passing through a number of challenges and experiences. I feel proud to be a member of this organization and working with the great leader of this organization.

    Khalid Naseer

    Manager Logistics

  • My affiliation with Nippon Paints is now almost 14 years and I am greatful for all the support I got for my professional development and opportunitiy to work in a magnificent environment. My career is inspired by the diversity, endless innovation opportunities and ability to showcase my creativity that Nippon offers. What i love most about my Job is to work with people around me and the freedom to create a way of working that works best for me and my team. Nippon hires the best people and i always find it easy to fit in and learn new things

    Omer Itrat

    Senior Manager Technical