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Expresskote Sealer

Efficiently seals and regulates the drying process of the inherent moisture present in the cement plaster or concrete, thus minimizing hairline cracks and peeling, bubbling, fungus, algae, alkali and efflorescence associated with high moisture.

Recommended Uses:

Nippon ExpressKote Sealer is suitable for fresh cement surfaces in both internal and external conditions such as:

  • Cement plaster
  • Precast concrete
  • Cast in-situ concrete
  • Brickwork
  • Hard/Soft Boards
  • Gypsum Boards

Highlights of this product include:

  • Safe to apply after 3 days of plastering
  • Shortens waiting time for top coat application
  • Adheres firmly to concrete and masonry surfaces
  • Resists water and UV
  • Easy to apply
  • Water-based
  • Anti-fungus
  • Fast drying
  • Environmental friendly

Coating System
Type Product Name No. of Coat(s)
Sealer / Primer Expresskote Sealer 1 coat
Topcoat Nippon Exterior Products 2 coats
Application Data
Brush, roller
Maximum 5% water
Touch Dry / Hard Dry
30 minutes / 1 hour
Recoating Interval
2 hours based on normal conditions
No. of Coat(s)
1-2 coats
Theoretical Coverage
Approximate 11 m² per litre per coat (30 microns DFT)
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